Inkjet on Blueback paper, 90 x 110 cm (2x)
Location of prints:
Ulitsa Lenina 1, Chkalovsk, Russia
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Exactly six years ago I came to Chkalovsk, where this abandoned tower stands, and I met Yakov Khorev. He showed me around town which is named after a great pilot and invited me to stay at his family’s house, a wonderful wooden summer home in Russian style. I was there for two days, but thanks to Yasha, it was full of spicy surprises which involved an old pre-soviet perfume, freshly smoked perch, a Turkmen man, a tarzan rope with adolescent kids, a poacher’s trail, Okroshka and my first jump into the Volga river.

Naturally, we met this summer, too. Yasha lives in Nizhny and knows half of my Nizhny acquaintances. What an enormous river – what a small world.