Inkjet on Blueback paper, 90 x 110 cm
Location of print: 
Vodnik Stadium, Ulitsa Alekseyevskaya 30A, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
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Vadim was the first person to welcome me at the airport in Volgograd in February 2017 at -30 C. It was the first portrait I took in the whole series and it somehow became a key visual for this body of work.
I had attentively been taken care of – something one would never expect, at least not where I come from. And it happenend again and again in this country. Vadim would drive me around, help me look for people and places, show me his favorite spots, all without knowing the least of me.
We have met several times since and will most certainly see each other, when this tour takes me to the city that once was called Stalingrad.