Inkjet on Blueback paper, 110 x 135 cm
Location of print:
Ulitsa Neverova 95, Samara, Russia
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“It's about our village!” said the woman pulling a trolley, turning her head to the image we had just stuck on the wall of the dilapidated Avangard cinema in the small village of Shmidta, which belongs to Samara. We nodded and didn’t feel like telling her that the picture had been taken in Peno, a tiny town two thousand kilometres further up the River.
My friend Sveta, who was present at the time, later wrote: The astonishing feeling of familiarity and of recollection when looking at photos of places one has never been to. The faces of strangers. There is something common, universal, native for many people in these photos, which have recently appeared in Samara.