Inkjet on Blueback paper, 110 x 135 cm
Location of print:
Sovetskaya Ulitsa 57, Yuryevets, Russia
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This birch tree was taken in early spring 2019 at the banks of the upper Volga near a very small village called Поволжье - Povolzhye. I am fascinated by the fact that there are uncountable places named after the river, Volzhsky, Zavolzhsky, Volzhsk, Zavolshye, Privolzhye,  Privolzhsky, Zavolzhsk, Volzhskoye, Volsk, etc and most of them don’t appear twice on the map. Often they are near or opposite of a bigger town or city.

On the thumbnail image, my dear friend and partner in crime for the Nizhny Novgorod region Anna is putting the finishing touches on what will become the second to last act in Yuryevets, the place that has been left by the past.